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Looking Ahead

Dear Friends,

For centuries, Christian Churches in every country have celebrated the Season of Advent. It encompasses the four Sundays preceding Christmas.

Advent comes from the old Latin word adventus, which means the arrival or the coming. Over the centuries, thousands and thousands of interpretations have arisen of who and what Jesus represents. I often wonder whether we would recognize Jesus if He were to come and stand among us today.

On the second Sunday in Advent this year I am aware that too many sermons will be devoted to answering questions that nobody is asking. However, I want to present you with a question to ponder as we worship together: WILL THE REAL JESUS STAND UP?

What I mean by the real Jesus is the one so graphically portrayed by the gospel writers. Just as in the first century when Jesus mingled with all sorts of people, the religious officials were embarrassed because of the people Jesus befriended. Maybe we also would benefit from what Jesus has to teach us about the people he wants us to help, nurture and love.

Take a moment to read Hebrews 1: 1-6 and John 1: 1-5, 9-13, 18 and come and think with me on the subject: WILL THE REAL JESUS STAND UP?

With love and gratitude for you,

Rev. Dr. Robert W. Bohl
Temporary Supply Pastor