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Looking Ahead

Dear Friends, 

These last few weeks have been very difficult for millions of people due to hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes and a host of aftermath problems caused by these disasters. The result is that many people, from first responders to millions of others, have stepped forward to volunteer to help those who are victims of these horrific events.

It has been refreshing to see so many church members are at the forefront of the rescue efforts. Could we expect anything less than this response? Years ago a major newspaper offered a prize for the best definition of the word friend. The definition that won was: A friend is one who comes in when the whole world abandons you.

The Bible has many references on the subject of friends. Please take a moment to read I Samuel 18: 1-9, which describes one of the greatest friendships that ever existed. Also read John 15: 9-17, which makes it clear that Jesus regards us as his friend. The theme this Sunday is: Real friends, who are they?


With love and gratitude for you,

Rev. Dr. Robert W. Bohl

Temporary Supply Pastor