401 SE 15th Ave.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

Dear Friends,

We are inviting you to come to worship with us this coming Sunday, July 23,bohl_img_0095_ks_200w2017, and encourage you to invite a friend to join you.

Some people have called the mid-Summer days, days of doldrums, days in which not much is expected to happen.  Decades ago someone warned me of the peril of ordinary days, as a time when some people just dread living from day to day.  Over the years I have become convinced that the greatest threat to a person’s faith in God comes when nothing much is happening and God seems far away. Unnecessary and even unimportant.

On Sunday, we will look at two Biblical individuals who may help us see how God intervenes in two lives who experienced God in a special way.  The first is Job, who in the midst of ordinary days found himself confronted with a new reality.  The other person is Jesus, who had to experience God in a way that revealed to Him how He was to be the Messiah.

Perhaps you will find a moment before Sunday to read Job 23: 1-14 and

Luke 4: 1-13.  It will help you discover a new way to live with those dry periods when God seems far away and unavailable. 


In His Service,

Rev. Dr. Robert W. Bohl

Temporary Supply Pastor