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Looking Ahead

Dear Friends,

In the real world there appears to be two complexes that dominate the attitudes of individuals: One is called a SUPERIORITY COMPLEX and the other an INFERIORITY COMPLEX. In my thinking, both are very dangerous. If we were to put them on the scales, however, I think there are more people who suffer from an inferiority complex than from a superiority complex.We extend this invitation to you and your friends to come to worship this Sunday, June 25, 2017.

I have spent my entire life thinking about this….as a child I was bullied in grade school. But if it is true that God has made us in God’s image and according to God’s likeness, then that means each one of us is unique and precious in God’s sight. One conclusion I have reached is that EVERY HUMAN BEING IS INTENDED TO HAVE A CHARACTER OF HIS OR HER OWN, TO BE WHAT NO ONE ELSE CAN BE AND TO DO WHAT NO ONE ELSE CAN DO. I believe that is the way God meant it to be. 

The Epistle reading for Sunday is  II Corinthians 4: 7-18  and the Gospel reading is Luke 9: 18-25. If you have a chance, I hope you will read these before you come to church on Sunday. They both speak to the sermon question: WHEN FEELING USELESS…WHAT THEN?

In Christ,

Bob Bohl

Rev. Dr. Robert W. Bohl

Temporary Supply Pastor