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Looking Ahead

Dear Friends,

This Sunday, May 21, 2017, is the sixth Sunday of the Easter season. In many ways this is an in-between time. We are between the resurrection of Jesus and His ascension to the Father. The early followers were between being a band of misfits following around a Jewish Rabbi and becoming the early church. When I try to put myself in the shoes of these early Christians, I think there must have been great uncertainty and unease. Easter was a time of change. Ultimately, God was going to pour out His Spirit into the world, but how could they have fully understood this? Do we fully understand it even now? I am excited to wrestle with this together.Change is upon us and that can be really uncomfortable. When I look around at our Fort Lauderdale community, I see change everywhere – new buildings going up and old ones being torn down; institutions like Ernie’s BBQ are closing their doors. When boating offshore, it is still odd to me that the coastline is missing the candy cane-like smoke stacks in Port Everglades. Change can be an emotional and very personal activity.

If you have the time, you will find it helpful to read John 14:15-31 as you prepare for worship this Sunday.

See you there,

Nic B. Merchant