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2016 Mission Study Report

Dear Friends,

The members of First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale look forward to welcoming a new Senior pastor into our faith community. In preparation for that day, our Session called and assembled a team to develop a Mission Study Report. This report will be used to guide our Pastor Nominating Committee and to inform potential candidates. Early in this process, the Mission Study Team chose to pursue an Appreciative Inquiry approach to engage the congregation, and to share the stories of who we are as a church as we seek to envision God’s plans for us.

During the past 6 months, our congregation participated in personal, guided interviews and leadership meetings, culminating in an Appreciative Inquiry Summit. Creating this Mission Study Report was a community effort that involved the contributions and prayers of hundreds in our church community. The process, and its enthusiastic reception, sustained and inspired us. We are also grateful for the insight and support provided by our outstanding pastors and staff.

Our prayer is that this report will play an integral role in assisting the Pastor Nominating Committee, and will also challenge and encourage each of us to commit fully to God’s plan for our church.

In His Service,

The Mission Study Team

Stephen Tilbrook Holly Strawbridge Paul Schuler
Laura Foster Kathy Craven William Condon
Pam Hickson Bob Sadowski Steve Wofford


Click here to view the 2016 Mission Study Report

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