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Looking Ahead

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Alan PlattThis Sunday, August 21st, First Presbyterian Church is privileged to extend our pulpit to Alan Platt as he brings us God’s Word from John 15:15-18.  Alan is the visionary leader and founder of the Doxa Deo.  Doxa Deo is a church that serves thirty thousand people on ten different campuses in Pretoria, South Africa.  This ministry has also established churches in five other cities in South Africa, as well as three internationally (London, UK: Auckland, NZ; and Stuttgart, Germany) in addition to providing formalized, Christ-centered educational services to thousands of students in state schools.

Alan has recently authored his first book titled ‘We start at Finish’, that is fast becoming a life-changing instrument for many ministries.  An extremely accomplished individual, you can read more about Alan on his website at: alanplatt.org 

So come, join us in worship this Sunday and may we grow in the Spirit of the Lord together!

 With Love,

 Your First Presbyterian Church Family