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Dear the Creative Team of the Craft Ministry of the First Presbyterian Church,

On behalf of the entire pediatric community at The Chris Evert Children’s Hospital, please allow me to express our deepest gratitude for the wonderful donation of bone shaped neck pillows to be shared with our pediatric patients of the Chris Evert Children’s Hospital!

You did it again as we rely on your consistent and simply brilliant creations! These wonderful pillows will help to brighten the spirits of our pediatric population. Through your kindness you have given our patients an avenue to utilize their imagination based on the colorful fabric designs , re-focus their energies as they await to heal, provide a safe haven to rest their heads comfortably ~what an amazing gift~!

Your kindness and generosity is very much appreciated by the children, their families and the staff at large.

With Gratitude and Respect,

Ann Fogel

Coordinator of Child Life Therapy
Chris Evert Children’s Hospital