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Ritchel’s Farewell Reception Recap!

Rev. Dr. Russ and Meredith Ritchel’s farewell reception was bitter sweet for all who attended. Dozens attended to show their appreciation for all Russ has done as our Interim Pastor for the past two years.  We pray and wish them the best as they begin their retirement in Georgia.  Special thanks to everyone who took part in preparing, organizing, and cleaning up at the party. These individuals are listed below. First Presbyterian Church wants to thank you all  for making the Farewell Reception successful!



Key Players

Chef Kevin
Pam Hickson
Christina Ayers
Lesley Karentz
Kathy Mayers
Many Hands
Carol Ripley
John Ripley
Kyra Battles
Herb Clark
Susan Yesbick
Dee Harris
Diane Wilcox
Patty Stover
Jim Sabin
Barb Sabin
Kathy Craven
Joe Vason
Cindy Vason
Tricia Young
Ed Sichler
Victoria Sichler
Sarah Rose Karantz
Wanda Irwin
Simeon Rogers
Carol Shannon
Christina Akers
Susan Yezbick
Kyra Battle
Evan Barber
Alex Underwood