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Pastor Nominating Committee Application

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Qualities needed to serve on Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC):
“Now there are varieties of gifts, but the same spirit; and there are varieties of service, but the same Lord; and there are varieties of activities, but it’s the same God who activates all of them in everyone.”
I Corinthians 12:4-6

The Congregational Nominating Committee needs your help in suggesting candidates to serve on the Pastor Nominating Committee. As you reflect on persons whom you believe would serve well in this capacity, please consider the following requirements:

• Possesses strong Christian Faith, with evidence of grace and compassion in daily life wherever they may be. Being knowledgeable in The Word. One who is disciplined in prayer and study.
• Demonstrates the spiritual gifts of wisdom, discernment, encouragement, integrity, humility, and sincere desire to work with and listen to others.
• Ability to maintain strict confidentiality throughout the entire search process.
• Understands and accepts that this is a process which frequently takes 18-24 months to complete, and must be freely available to attend meetings as often as once a week throughout the process.
• Willingness to listen for the voice of God, and to avoid distractions such as personal preference, external influence from individuals, interest groups, political or theological bias.
• Ability to travel to observe potential Pastor Nominees.
• Knowledge of our church and this community, using the Mission Study of our church to guide the search process.
• Willingness to contribute your best for the overall success of the committee. To listen, to participate, to ask pertinent questions, and to be open-minded.
• Cannot be an employee of the church or the spouse of an employee.
• Cannot be a member of the Congregational Nominating Committee or an immediate family member.
• Must be an Active Member of First Presbyterian Church of Fort Lauderdale for at least two years. An Active Member is defined as one who contributes to the life of the church in three demonstrable ways: by offering their time, talents and financial support.

I suggest the following person(s) to be considered for nomination to the Pastor Nominating Committee. Feel free to nominate yourself. You must be a church member to make nominations.

Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________




Signed : ___________________________________________________________________ (Legibly, please. Nominations may only be submitted by church members)

Your Printed Name: ____________________________________________________________

Please return this nomination form to the church office in person, in the Offering Plate during worship, or by e-mail to nominations@firstpres.cc no later than July 5, 2016

CLASS OF 2016: Kyra Battle, Kathy Craven, Larry Davis, Laura Foster, Stephen Leinicke, Martha McKnight, Mary Helen Merchant, Jennifer O’Flannery-Anderson, Teri Stockholm.