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Looking Ahead – A Message from Rev. Dr. Russ Ritchel, Jr.

Dear Friends,

Joseph often seems like a bit player in the Christmas narrative, but when you stop and think of it, He is key. Imagine how challenging it was for him to receive the news of Mary’s pregnancy! It must have been incredibly pressure-filled. This week we will be looking at Matthew 1:18-25 where Joseph meets with an angel in a dream. One person between God’s plan and all of history. He teaches us about the gift of confident trust. Plan on joining us!

If you have not yet opened the “Right Now Media” gift we sent last Sunday, take a minute to do so. If you can’t seem to locate the email, contact Mona Peterson and she will make sure that you get another email. I’ve already had members of the church talk with me about what a great trove of valuable resources it is. You won’t want to be left out!

Yours in His service,
Russ Ritchel

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