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Looking Ahead

Dear Family and Friends of First Pres,

First, I want to thank everyone who has taken part in this year’s stewardship campaign, “ALL IN!” Your church’s leadership is both grateful and humbled by your commitment to indicate a willingness to give for our 2020 year in ministries and budget. Your Estimates of Giving enable us to plan and let our ministry partners know what we are expecting to be able to do with them. If you have not filled out an Estimate of Giving card for 2020, you can still do so by filling out a card at church or through the church’s website.

This week we are continuing in Luke’s gospel with our reading from Luke 20:27-40. At this point in the Story, Jesus has entered into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday and the action and conflict intensifies with the religious leaders in and around the Temple. Luke 20 has them peppering Jesus with one question after another, trying to get him to stumble from religious orthodoxy. In a brilliant move, Jesus turns the questions back on them and they are flummoxed. I will build my thoughts around the title, “So Jesus, how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?”

Be sure to bring a friend with you to worship! Let’s be about spreading the Word! You are the hands and feet of our Lord!